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Dec 16, 2012
Aug 13, 2009
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Buffalo, NY
Medical student

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Bay Harbor Butcher?, from Buffalo, NY

Incubes12 was last seen:
Dec 16, 2012
    1. 3irty1
      OHhhh! well Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one (aka The Pack Win!)

      Also Good luck on your exam!
    2. 3irty1
      I built my own bar in my apartment, but for big games we go out to a bar. The bar we go to is in Greece (Rochester) called Hooligan's in the Greece Ridge Mall. Quite a drive from Buffalo, but if you come out we'll pull out a seat for ya. Lemme know so we definitely know to go out, cause its an early game so we may stay in and get fat at my apartment instead :P
    3. Mr. StyleZ
      Mr. StyleZ
      Not sure what your taste in movies is, but if you love movies it's a must see. Your GF has good taste if she liked it.
    4. Mr. StyleZ
      Mr. StyleZ
      ya. Didn't you read the movie thread? I posted my thoughts on the movie. Black Swan is in my top 10 all time for right now. Absolutely loved the movie.
    5. 3irty1
      I do mine in Adobe Photoshop. Takes some time and patience, which i'm low on now a days lol. I got my photoshop through pirate bay, but if you go that route be careful, lots of viruses and stuff.
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    “No other quarterback has replaced a legend quicker than...Aaron Rodgers."
    -Shannon Sharpe



    Buffalo, NY
    Medical student
    23 year old medical student who you probably wouldn't want as your doctor...

    Cheesy movies, snowboarding, rap music, giving Bills fans a hard time, anything not school related